The organization seeks through different channels, tools, methods, the seminars and conferences in which it participates, and through its publications to achieve the following general objectives:


  1. The quest for the establishment and possession of knowledge in the Arab world, and make the science to be an essential part of culture and social life.

  2. Supporting and activating the Arab scientific wealth and preserving it, enabling it to contribute to improving the quality of life in its society, solve the problems that facing its countries, and contribute to raising their economic level.

  3. Encouraging the formation of specialized scientific networks and exchanging experiences among researchers. Meanwhile, it is also encouraging research and cooperation between scientific institutions and Arab universities.

  4. To pay attention to the conditions and concerns of the Arab scientific community, to highlight them and to seek effective and urgent solutions to them.

  5. Strengthening the ties and relations between Arab scientists, and extending bridges of communication between them.

  6. Encouraging the formation of specialized bodies, associations and scientific laboratories.

  7. To help increase the production and dissemination of scientific thought, knowledge and culture in the Arab world.

  8. Helping to benefit from the results of research and studies to carry out in solving technical and environmental problems, and to achieve the promise of sustainable development.

  9. Provide new and useful information to the Arab scientific researcher, and facilitate access to it with little or no material cost.

  10. Promote a culture of self-reliance and self-confidence, through serious and meaningful development projects and plans. And managed to transfer, localize and own knowledge to achieve a true scientific community.

  11. Linking the activity of the Arab scientific community with its cultural, historical and intellectual roots to enable it to rebuild its scientific and knowledge structure and invest it in achieving a new cultural and renaissance.

  12. Supporting and dedicating the Arabic language in scientific writing. And contribute to the efforts to reach standards and mechanisms adopted to develop the scientific term and the adoption of the methodology of its use in the Arab world.

  13. Encouraging the scientific press and its composition in a good systematic manner based on quality and honesty.

  14. Highlighting the positive side of the scientific, cognitive, intellectual, social and historical contributions and activities of the Arab scientific community; with the aim of introducing it, raising the morale of its members, adopting their innovative ideas and development initiatives, and encouraging their serious contributions and initiatives.

  15. Conducting specialized studies in the affairs of the "Arab scientific community" and the development of mechanisms for its advancement, in order to fill the large gap in this type of important research studies in the Arab world.

  16. Organizing specialized scientific conferences, seminars and workshops related to the production and dissemination of knowledge and thought.

  17. Publishing magazines, periodicals, printed books and electronic books.