President's speech

The Arab Scientific Community Organization is a project that would concerned with science and its practices to make it an integral part of the culture of Arab society. Therefore, the Organization will endeavor to contribute, with all its potential, to create a high-level Arab scientific community that will be able to deal with, and benefit from science. This will, in the future, pave the way for an Arab renaissance in all fields.

Despite the importance of buildings and their designs to serve the scientific process, and the importance of the devices used in scientific institutions, however, one of the priorities of the Organization is to create a permanent scientific atmosphere, in the corridors of these institutions and their rooms, laboratories and libraries. This atmosphere is conducive to maintain the motivation and competition in research and thus innovation and creativity.


As the scientific community is the network of scientists, researchers, students, research and applied institutions, so links between them and the traditions that govern them, the scientific atmosphere must be permeated by this network. Thus, the spirit of reflection, seriousness prevails and this spirit becomes an attribute felt by every newcomer to this network. This scientific community will be distinguished from the rest of the world scientific communities, distinguished by its unique Arabic language, as well as Arab-Islamic culture and its history of ancient science.


In order for the Arab society, not only to continue to import science and its applications, the Organization aspires exclusively to the localization and ownership of science. This means we must have the ability to create scientific traditions from theoretical and technical research, to achieve the accumulation of knowledge which in turn will qualify to consolidate the desired scientific production. But to settle the science in this way, it is necessary to combine all the efforts for it, from the sincere will and decision and encouragement of the political authority within each country, as well as the voluntary commitment of the elites.


The Arab or non-Arab people contemplating the history of science, and contemplating the Arab-Islamic civilization produced by science in all fields, they saw the contribution of that civilization to humanity, and what contributed to the development of science and change the course of some of them forever. It then invented new ideas and devised turning points in most of the old sciences where it was reconstituted. The man who contemplates this remarkable scientific production is very sad about what happened, now a day, to him in the Arab world. From this sense of responsibility, to the return of the Arabs to contribute to the production of science to serve humanity as they were, the organization will strive to awaken the Arab mind to achieve that precious goal.


Dr. Moza bint Mohammed Al Rabban

President of the Arab Scientific Community Organization